Western Media Covered this UP: Rape of J

7 Dec

Western Media Covered this UP: Rape of Journalist in Lybia That Ended In Death http://bit.ly/WN61vr A French journalist who worked for the Guardian newspaper being raped to death by Libyan rebels. Alerta Digital, the website that recovered it after it was lost, claims this happened on 2 February and has been covered up by the western media. It says the rape lasted all night long and that the woman died in the course of it. The rebels supposedly filmed it and uploaded it to a website, from which Alerta Digital claims it recovered it Original description of video: “A raping crime happened in Benghazi Libya by the rebels who were supported by US and NATO. The crime shows a rape against western journalist we don’t know why some News Tv Like el-Jazira-Arabia-CNN-BBC News don’t talk about this Crime ,probably they don’t want to sully the image of the rebel who was helped by europien and NATO and Other Arab Country ,they Lie on world ,just like :Libya after Gaddafi Gouvernement ,they have a True Freedom and a Good Life, which is completely the discordant. The Civile war Continue in Libya Between The Rebel ,and Libya now they have any Police or Army ,and All people are Armed even Kid and Teen [Just The Media don’t Talk About This they Talk only about Syria !” WARNING: Graphic and disturbing material. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. And here is yet another from a liberated Egypt: And here is some of the raw footage from yet another: And one from France 24: Women reporters: Stay out of Egypt Is the Mid East conservative Muslims liberated yet?


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