A Quick Look At Plantation Shutters Hous

11 Dec

A Quick Look At Plantation Shutters Houston http://bit.ly/TS8eYk For anyone who needs plantation shutters Houston should be on their shortlist. These highly attractive window dressings get their name from the days when Spaniards had huge sugarcane and tobacco plantations in the Caribbean. Their role is not limited to just increasing the aesthetic value of a house, but also enable privacy, air and light control. In some places, they have been used to guard from small pieces of gravel, hail and so on. That banks and other lenders are willing to bankroll their installation shows how highly regarded they are. The reasons for this are not altruistic; with banks, they never are. These pieces actually increase the value of a home by several thousand dollars. They are also permanent and considered part of the house just like doors and windows are. The fixtures can be made out of any number of materials, but the gold standard still remains the original; hardwoods like Spanish cedar, teak, mahogany among others remain popular. The reason for their enduring popularity even in an age where environmental concerns are preeminent, and plastic composites can be made to give a very convincing facsimile of wood is because of their charm; there is something about a hardwood that cannot be copied. This keeps them from rot. They also have a high percentage of tannin, a resin that is toxic to many insects, and this offers another level of protection. The wood grain is packed, making the wood extremely dense. This provides protection from scratches and denting. The grain is also extremely attractive. Hardwoods remain the gold standard of all materials used to make window dressings. If these are treated well, they will last for many generations. Because so many people would love hardwood ones but can’t afford them, manufacturers have turned to softwoods such as pine for alternatives. While these have an attractive visage, they lack the other virtues that make hardwoods so sought after. They need constant maintenance if they are to last for any length of time. A more suitable alternative is fiberglass. Like the hardwoods, its extremely dense, resists scratching and dents very well. It is also rigid, and does not need extra support during installation the way softwoods do. It stands up to the elements well, and will not rot or warp. The material is also extremely versatile, and can be molded into a number of attractive designs. It is very adaptable; the material can be molded, colored or painted to look like wood. It is hard and rigid, making it not only easy to install, but also proof against abuse. It resists the elements well, and does not rust or rot. Unlike wood, no trees have to be cut down, and it needs virtually no maintenance. All these come at a very reasonable price too, and should be seriousness considered. Vinyl has been a consistent favorite for low cost window dressings. It is relatively attractive, light, resists rot, and can be painted, though wood look pieces do exist. Unfortunately, it has a number of drawbacks, the main being that it can look cheap. It is also not very rigid, and may need extra support during installation. For anyone who needs plantation shutters Houston looks like its set not to disappoint. You can visit the website http://www.Plantationshuttersandblindsofhouston.com for more helpful information about A Quick Look At Plantation Shutters Houston


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