Opportunities For A Tour Operator In Laos

21 Dec
Opportunities For A Tour Operator In Laos
A tour operator in Laos has many opportunities to put together a package that will provide clients with experiences of a lifetime. Especially tourists from western countries will find the friendly attitudes and spontaneity of people in Laos and neighboring countries refreshing. Laos is a landlocked country with borders that adjoin no fewer than five other countries. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Myanmar are all within easy reach and a tour could take in parts of all six South East Asia countries, each with it fascinating social, political and economic dimensions. The capital of Laos is Vientiane a city with a distinctive, relaxed atmosphere. It is located on the Mekong river on the border with Thailand but has its distinctive atmosphere. Detailed information of how the best may be made of this city is available online. Entry to the city may be by air into the Wattay airport or by road, probably from Thailand. The city has not been as radically affected by foreign tourism as other cities such as those in Thailand. Two of the most popular things to do are to visit the Pha That Luang religious symbol or to dine in one of the many establishments spread out along the Mekong river. The atmosphere of the city is one of its major assets and can be absorbed for free. For this reason the country can make a unique and interesting component of a longer tour, providing grounds for comparison and space for reflection. The sex industry is a major attraction in neighboring Thailand but not in Laos. Girls are extremely beautiful but not for sale, and penalties are severe. It could be more wise for tourists to concentrate on visiting the many shrines, temples and museums that are available and to enjoy the wide range of modern hotels that are available at reasonable rates. Tumbling hills and mountains are clothed in thick vegetation and hikes can be arranged through spectacular scenery into remote areas where it is possible to live the life of a villager, or at least get a fleeting insight into it. Guides ensure safety and advise on etiquette and tact when different cultures come into contact. Tourists who wish to engage in such interesting Eco-tourist trips will really enjoy custom hikes but those who do not like walking can explore boating or rafting on the Mekong. Sustainable development is an issue that affects the planet in very important ways in the twenty-first century. A balance must be found between the use of natural resources and their conservation. This issue is of seminal importance and tourists may be extremely interested in witnessing how it is played out in this country where Eco-tourism, timber and electricity generation must be juggled judiciously in a context of international relations. A tour operator in Laos will be well placed to offer environmental tourism which is encouraged. It necessarily entails discretion and control since familiarity breeds contempt and destroys the unique resources upon which it depends. Therefore the privacy of remote communities needs to be respected together with local customs. For example, villagers customarily share everything and jealousy can taint relations when gifts are given to individuals. It is also important to avoid the dangers of drugs and drug trading since penalties are harsh. However, people who enjoy beautiful landscapes and unspoiled people will probably be very happy with a Laotian tour. Read more about Issues That A Tour Operator In Laos Deals With visiting our website.

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