Choose Trees Wisely To Prevent Plumbing Problems In The Future

24 Dec
Choose Trees Wisely To Prevent Plumbing Problems In The Future
The trees one selects for landscaping a home today can affect the plumbing in the future. If a home’s landscaping plan requires trees be planted adjacent to sewer lines, whether mains or laterals extending from the septic tank, selecting the correct tree now can prevent future problems. Some species of trees are known to cause more problems than others do. Homeowner should avoid planting any trees over lateral lines. Even the safest of trees is likely to cause problems when its roots can reach into the perforations in the pipes designed to allow water to percolate into the soil. In most areas, the only thing to plant over the drain field is grass. The trees chosen for planting near sewer lines should be slow growing and small in nature. Such trees are not as likely to create problems by puncturing lines with roots. In addition, these small trees do not cause major even if a root hits a pipe. Damage is normally minor and easily discovered before bigger problems develop. Consider planting trees such as dogwoods, redwoods or redbuds near lines. If homeowners insist on large, faster growing trees or have them already growing in the yard, experts recommend these trees be replaced once every ten years. By replacing the tree, the owner ensures roots do not have time to grow deep enough to cause sewer problems, but still allow the owner to enjoy a preferred tree. Even slow growing trees will need periodic replacement. In new lines are being installed or old ones are being upgraded, it may be possible to avoid potential problems by arranging the lines away from existing trees. This can prevent infiltration of roots. Most professionals apply this idea as they map the project. Tree roots can cause plumbing nightmares. Most of the time, the problem involves sewer lines. Plan now to prevent future blocked sewer lines due to tree roots. Roto Rooter’s skilled plumbing will be able to fix your plumbing problems any day, any time. Call today to take care of all of your plumbing repair needs. (

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