For Professionals Changing From Jobs in

10 Jan

For Professionals Changing From Jobs in Law Enforcement Even though there are available significant resources dedicated to how to become a cop, the best way to apply for one of the border patrol jobs or how to obtain one of the fascinating CIA jobs but there are limited resources made to help these civil servants with changing from jobs in law enforcement when they are planning to quit or transition careers. Daniel W. Draz, M.S, CFE is a fraud investigator and Principal of Fraud Solutions, a private sector fraud and inquiry consulting business. In an article published online titled, “The Top Ten Steps Law Enforcement Personnel Should Take To Ensure Success When Transitioning To The Private Sector”, Daniel consults with public law enforcement professionals on how they can better guarantee a smooth changeover into private sector roles after their employment in criminal justice with regulatory and compliance jobs. The following is his top 10 list for migrating law enforcement employees into non-public investigation jobs, regulatory jobs or identification of fraud jobs: Prior to starting searching 1) Prepare for success: Daniel recommends law enforcement employees begin to contemplate retirement from public service 2 years before departing a public service job 2) Get a professionally prepared resume: seek out the information and assistance of a resume writing/consulting firm that concentrates on the regulatory services industry who knowledgeable of the jargon 3) Talk to industry experts: take on a mentor and find the information of insiders And once you’ve landed your job in the non-public sector 4) Don’t be a silo: learn to create relations with company leadership and network outside of your domain 5) Learn the regulatory compliance lingo: become smooth in regulatory and compliance language 6) Know the bottom line: understand how your work is involved in the successfulness of your employer 7) Learn to secede in the “C Suite”: center your activities and objectives with those of senior management 8) Adapt your communication approach to fit: adopt business style writing and etiquette 9) Seek further training and professional development: continuing education and professional development in the private sector is important to expansion 10) Learn the environment: develop a cooperative perspective and build strong business relationships in the organization. These will be your advocates and allies Those employed with jobs in law enforcement continue to face greater challenges with careers in criminal justice and security in terms of employment and training. Recognizing this, firms like Fraud Solutions and UsersUnite will continue to be committed to providing excellent resources for pro expansion and transition. To get more information about Fraud Solutions and their compliance services visit their website, or write . Created by Mike Ziyadeh the Industry Director – Legal & Law Enforcement for UsersUnite . Mike writes a blog on issues and stories related to the law enforcement software industry. If you’ve got a subject that you would like to see Mike write about please visit us at UsersUnite and BE HEARD!


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