Laying Hens For Sale Save You Money http

12 Feb

Laying Hens For Sale Save You Money Families wanting farm fresh eggs at a reduced cost can buy laying hens for sale. Chickens generally produce one egg every two days so if you are planning on feeding your family with them, you will want to fill your coop accordingly. While there is some work that goes into keeping chickens, the payoff is will be worth the time and effort. Planning properly will increase your chickens productivity and you will have delicious eggs to eat. You should begin by choosing the right sized coop. You typically need three square feet per chicken and one laying box for each three to four. The best boxes are ones that open from the rear so you don’t have to disturb the chickens in order to get your eggs, but it is not a necessity. They need to be kept at a proper temperature and the coop should be kept clean. No matter the age of the hens you bring in, you will probably not get eggs from them the first day so don’t worry. When you feed your layers, they should eat commercially prepared food. This has specific nutrients and vitamins in it that will help them to produce quality eggs. Along with the proper food, they should always have clean water available to them. They also need to have grit available. This is something that helps them to digest their food. Keep an eye on your chickens an recognize those which are producing eggs and which are not. Those that are not producing are not benefiting your household, but wasting feed. These may be better served as dinner. Begin your search for laying hens for sale with local farmers, feed stores or even four H clubs if you have one nearby. Click here for more information about Laying Hens For Sale Produce Fresh Eggs .

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