Help With Interviews

23 Apr

Help With Interviews Interview Time Arrive at your interview around fifteen minutes early. Arriving late to your interview is bound to immediately damage your chances of success as well as make you more nervous. If, however, an unexpected problem does arise (a road closure, car problem, illness, severe weather) contact the interviewer as soon as possible and explain the situation whilst offering to reschedule at the interviewers convenience. Always make sure that your mobile phone and any other communication device you posess is off before you enter the interview building. If you are given an application form make sure you fill it in to the best of your ability and as neatly as possible. Don’t make the mistake of letting your CV do all of the selling. Always make a big effort to formally greet the interviewer and offer up a firm handshake. A smile always gives a good impression too and can break the ice with your interviewer. When you arrive at the room where the interview will take place refrain from sitting down until a seat Is offered, make a conscious effort not to slouch during the interview and look enthusiastic at all times. Always try to keep eye contact going with the interviewer, stay focussed on what is being said to you rather than what you want to say next. It is also perfectly reasonable to take a moment to think through your response. Give detail but be sure not to ramble, stick to your point. Let the interviewer lead the interview and if you are unsure of something always feel free to ask for more detail. Always be prepared to speak about your career high points and low points and discuss your major achievements without sounding boastful. Always avoid trying to answer questions with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Always elaborate wherever possible. This might seem obvious but never lie in an interview, lies will only trip you up and come back to haunt you. Finding agency recruitment Liverpool is easy with Axis one of the best Manc agencies

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