Information About Dr. Lancer Products

10 May
In nineteen eighty-three, Dr. Lancer – first name Harold – opened his practice in Beverly Hills. Having graduated from the University of California, his expertise in the medical profession had led to the development of his Lancer products. He is renowned in Hollywood by celebrities who want the best possible treatments to stay looking good. Because his treatments are ahead of his time, the doctor is in high demand. His skincare items are appropriate for use by people of every skin tone and every skin type. The range currently boasts 16 products. If your skin is discolored, wrinkled, has fine lines, rough texture or large pores, then you will benefit from the three-step Lancer Method. This involves first polishing, then cleansing and finally repairing the skin. The LANCERx product for each step contains ingredients that make it possible to use every day. You could see results in only 7 days! The Polish, which is the first treatment, is an exfoliator that works to remove dead cells, which can leave the skin looking dull. The result is a fresh, radiant look. The Polish is natural sea mineral-infused, which leaves the skin energized and without redness. It’s even suitable for rosacea sufferers. The RX Cleanser comes next, washing away those unwanted impurities that may remain, for a refreshing feeling. Finally, the AM/PM Nourishing Treatment will tighten pores and firm the skin by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is rich with antioxidants, and also contains essential botanical extracts. The Antioxidant Sunscreen contains SPF 30 and is simultaneously a great source of hydration. It is very lightweight and suitable for use all over the body and face. Best of all, it does not leave the white residue often experienced when wearing sunscreen, especially through getting wet or sweating. With UVAI, UVAII and UVB protection, this sunscreen is good for all skin types. The anti-aging treatments in the range are the Vitamin C cream, the Glycolic 10% Cream, the Evening Anti-Aging Therapy and the Tri-Defense Co-Q10 Serum. The first promotes smooth skin that is radiant. The second uses crystalline glycolic acid along with antioxidants to smoothen out the skin. With the Evening Therapy, signs of aging are fought with the blend of Retinol, caffeine, green tea polyphenols and antioxidants. The final product is the ultimate in skin revitalization and reparation, with additional oxygen booster. The entire body and the specific area around the eyes are given special attention in the range. First of all, there is the warming Body Buff to exfoliate and the Body Smooth, which is perfect moisturizing if you have dry skin. The Eye Bright Plus helps that sensitive area around your eyes look less puffy and with minimized dark circles. The Eye Bright Illuminatorx does all this and also fights lines around the eyes. The final three lancer products are the Blemish Control, Rapid Redness Relief and the Oil Absorber. The last mentioned product is a great primer before applying makeup. Rapid Redness Relief is great for skin that easily gets irritated and red, or that is sunburnt. The range is priced between $30 and $125. We have a lot more helpful information about The Range Of Lancer Products .

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