Easy Long-Distance Birthday Gift Ideas

18 May

Birthday gifts are always fun to purchase, but thinking up great ideas can be a chore. If you have a friend who lives far away, selecting a gift can be even harder. While you might think that a card or a gift card is the easiest option, there are plenty of other fun choices to think about. Flowers, of course, are always a welcome gift and are so easy to purchase. Just go online to your favorite internet flower shop and you will find hundreds of exciting choices. Select a bouquet of your friend’s favorite flowers or colors or just choose from one of the many amazing designer options. Some internet florists even offer same day delivery, so if you are running behind, this can be a great option for a wonderful last-minute gift. Another great option would be to send a live plant. You can choose from a basket with assortment greenery or perhaps opt for a flowering plant such as a potted gerbera or a tropical bird of paradise plant. A gift basket is another great idea, and most online florists now offer delicious gourmet baskets, as well as flowers and plants. You can select a healthy option such as a huge fruit display or opt for a sweet choice, such as a selection of gourmet chocolates. If your loved one has a favorite eatery in their local area, consider going online and checking to see if the management offers gift cards or certificates. Even smaller establishments often offer gift certificates now, which they can mail to you. While it is true that you will just be mailing it back to your friend, they are sure to be delighted that you took the time to give them a truly personalized gift certificate. You can also consider purchasing a gift card to a favorite local boutique. Another easy gift is to enroll your friend in special culinary club, and there are unbelievable options available. You can select a wine of the month club or cheese of the month club and there are tons of other ideas. You can find clubs that send cookbooks, hot sauce, fruit, desserts and just about anything you can imagine. Club memberships typically come in three-month, six-month and one-year increments. If your friend has a favorite sports team, it can be fun to send a pair of tickets to an upcoming game. Tickets for plays or concerts in your friend’s local area are another fun idea. Many times you can order the tickets online and print them out on your home printer and then mail them to your friend. Your gift will be ready to send in just a matter of minutes and you can just pop it in the mailbox. Ji Hitzeman likes blogging and loves flowers. For more info about a Florist Lake Forest , or to find a Flowers Lake Forest shop, please check out the GoFlorist site today.

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