A Short Review Of Kidney Stones: Symptoms And Treatment

11 Jun

How To Get Kidney Stones The minerals and salts that are also in your urine are what harden and crystallize to eventually form kidney stones. Usually of a composition containing calcium and other minerals, the crystals can pass through your urine out of your body without any trouble if they are small enough, but eventually some remain behind and clump up to make larger stones that create bigger problems. As long as the larger stones remain motionless in the kidney, then they are presently harmless, but they can create severe kidney stone symptoms such as obstructions of urine resulting in what is considered to be the most nauseating and unbearable pain. The two largest contributing factors towards getting kidney stones are specifically because of lacking in fluids and a poor diet. You should make sure to drink plenty of water because the minerals and salts in your urine are allowed to form together into crystals when there is inadequate water to help prevent it. A poor diet can also create an imbalance of minerals in your urine that also promote the formation of kidney stones. If allowed to form too large, they can become stuck in the urinary tract causing bleeding and infections. Treating Your Kidney Stone Symptoms Kidney stones that are too large to pass through with your urine may need surgery to physically remove from the kidney. Other treatments include a machine that shoots a high-energy laser at the kidney stones. With enough time, the stone should fracture and allow the remaining stone to pass. The greatest kidney stone pain relief probably involves stopping the creation of future kidney stones, though. A generally healthy lifestyle is what you should aim for through better diet, exercise, and drinking a lot of water. Water will promote cleaner urine, so the minerals and salts won’t be allowed a chance to harden and form into crystals. You should drink about eight glasses a day and watch your urine color to be sure you’re on track. You don’t want it to be too yellow. Also by exercising and watching your diet, you can avoid oxalate-rich foods and too much protein and sodium promoting weight loss, which reduces your urine’s calcium content as well. You don’t want to forget about any medications that could be harming your urine content as well. Which Treatment Method Should You Choose? You may want to take a more serious approach to treatment if you need immediate results as the symptoms can be too much to handle. Invasive surgery while risky will instantly assist your needs. A stent can also be used to provide enough relief until other treatments help dissolve your kidney stone. Just make sure you prevent the creation of future kidney stones regardless of your treatment plan! Always be sure to consult your doctor to get the advice best suited for you and your health needs. For more information about kidney stones and their symptoms visit this website: Kidney Stone Information . If you’re interested in a great method for passing a kidney stone you should try some painless natural methods.

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