Kanye West’s Illuminati Limelight is Fading – Empty Stadiums, Interview Backfires, & His God Complex

22 Dec

The Illuminati and Conspiracies that surround this mysterious organization: Kanye West’s Illuminati Limelight is Fading – Empty Stadiums, Interview Backfires, and His God Complex Are Driving Away Fans. Subscribe to http://www.YouTube…


Satan Uses Music To Pull You Away From God! Pt1 THE USA & UK HIP HOP LIFESTYLE

22 Dec

Learn about the Mysteries in Music: If you have a bible at hand, please turn to 2 TIMOTHY 3:1 and apply the scripture to what you see. PT 2 Will be posted on my Normal account. Video Rating: 3 / 5

Liberty, Security, and the TSA

22 Dec

What is new with the TSA: According to Professor James Otteson, there is a trade-off between liberty and security. Consider the recent procedures instituted by the Transportation Secu…

Google Reports 68% Spike in Government Censorship Requests

22 Dec

How does the government and media censor Conspiracy Theories? Watch our recent video update. Google Reports 68% Spike in Government Censorship Requests. Video Rating: 0 / 5

The Phony Pullout from Afghanistan

22 Dec

Dec 09, 2013 Contributing Author Breaking News 0 Eric Margolis RINF Alternative News Those wondering what lies in store for Afghanistan need only look at the way the British Empire ruled Iraq in the 1920′s. As Shakespeare wrote, “what is past is prologue.” Imperial Britain created the state of Iraq after World War I to secure Mesopotamia’s vast oil deposits that had become vital for the Royal Navy. To control this artificial nation seething with unrest, Britain imposed a puppet king, Faisal, and created a native army commanded by British officers. Britain ‘s colonial rule was formalized by the 1930 Anglo- Iraq Treaty, a deal between puppet and master. But real power in Iraq was held by the Royal Air Force, which was “granted” two permanent bases at Habbaniyah and Basra. The RAF ruled supreme over the open wastes of Iraq . Winston Churchill, patron saint of today’s war-lusting neoconservatives, authorized the RAF to use poison gas against “unruly” tribesmen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Britain created public institutions and sham political parties in Baghdad that had no links at all to Iraq ‘s population, which mostly hated their British rulers. British Iraq was the prologue to today’s Afghanistan. The British Empire’s heir, the American Imperium, plans to duplicate the Iraqi Brittanica in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s US-installed current ruler, Hamid Karzai, a former CIA “asset,” may stay on after 2014 or be replaced by another US-designated president. Change the title of president to king, and, voila!, Iraq ‘s puppet king, Faisal. Washington says it will withdraw all US combat troops from Afghanistan by 2014. But read the fine print. As of now, 14,000-16,000 US troops will remain on so-called “anti-terrorism” missions and for “training” – though Washington admits there are not more than 50 al-Qaida members in Afghanistan. In other words, the old British system of white officers commanding native troops. A good $ 4-5 billion annually from the US and allies will go to hiring up to 400,000 pro-government troops (under US command). These mercenaries will fight half-heartedly for the Yankee dollar, not ideology. CIA will maintain another mercenary force of about 2,000, and a fleet of killer drones . Add commandos from the shadowy US Special Ops Joint Command (JSOC), a copy of Her Majesty’s assassins, Britain ‘s famed SAS. The ongoing US stealth occupation of Afghanistan will be enshrined by a new US-Afghanistan security treaty (read 1930 Anglo- Iraq Treaty), another deal between puppet and string-puller, made respectable by rigged elections and bribed chieftains and a big dose of drug money. The Soviets did the same thing after they invaded Afghanistan. It’s good old imperialism 101. US public relations firms will keep up a steady drumbeat of happy news about the US-run government building girl’s schools and improving public health. Not a peep will come about the US-backed and paid tribal and government chiefs who run Afghanistan’s ever growing export business in morphine and heroin. Under US control, Afghanistan has become the world’s leading exporter of heroin and opium. Drug output rose 50% last year according to the UN. Drug money and laundering it has corrupted the entire Afghan government and provides most of Kabul’s revenue, aside from US handouts. Most important, just like the British in Iraq , the US will retain 2-4 key airbases. Bagram, built by the Soviets, will be the nerve center of the US control of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan’s arid, treeless terrain, air power is decisive. Without its total, 24-7 control of the air, the US would not be able to sustain bases in Afghanistan. The US Air Force, the primary tool of US global power, will police the skies of South Asia and defend the puppet regime in Kabul. India is expected to lend discreet support for the ongoing US occupation of Afghanistan. That’s Plan A. But Afghanistan, rightly known as the “Graveyard of Empires,” has a way of frustrating grand imperial designs. That nation’s fierce Pashtun tribesmen, with whom this writer took the field in the 1980′s anti-Soviet struggle, have withstood the full might of US military power and its panoply of high-tech weapons, armed with nothing more than AK-47′s rifles and dauntless courage. The British Empire, which invaded Afghanistan four times, also sought to maintain garrisons there – and utterly failed. The ongoing US occupation, re-labeled “reconstruction,” will also likely fail. So far, America ‘s longest war – some 12 years – has cost nearly $ 1 trillion, 2,000 US dead, 17,000 wounded and innumerable Afghan dead and wounded. Taliban – a coalition of Pashtun tribes – will fight on

I’ve Got Dragon’s Blood(MLP Fan Metal Demo) Spike’s Theme Reverse Mode!

22 Dec

Learn about the Mysteries in Music: music played backwards. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Rob Ford Tried to Buy Crack Video for $5K

5 Dec

(Newser) – The Rob Ford saga has taken a big lurch forward with the release of police wiretap files detailing how the Toronto mayor partied and took drugs with gang members—and how his life got pretty complicated as a result. Key allegations from the police files, as detailed by the National Post , Globe and Mail , and Toronto Star : Gang members apparently attempted to blackmail Ford over the infamous video of him smoking crack, and the mayor offered them “$ 5,000 and a car.” The offer was rejected and the owner said he planned to ask for $ 150,000—which he could get from media outlets if the mayor didn’t pay up. It’s not clear whether he did: The original video’s whereabouts are unknown, but police recovered a copy from a hard drive. Drug dealers may have had a lot more than the video to blackmail Ford with: One gang member boasts that there are photos of the mayor in “a lot of f—ed up situations,” using drugs including heroin, crack, and marijuana. When news reports on the crack video’s existence appeared, one of the mayor’s top aides began a frantic search and managed to track down the house where a photo showed Ford posing with drug dealers. Unknown intruders attacked the house’s occupants days later, though the wiretap files do not link the aide to the attack. After Ford apparently lost his cell phone at a crack house, a friend of the mayor’s provided an unknown quantity of marijuana to secure its return. During negotiations, gang members made it clear that they didn’t fear threats of police pressure because of their photos of the mayor taking drugs. In a bright spot for Ford, he does not appear to be linked to a murder: One of the gang members he posed with was gunned down outside a nightclub earlier this year, but the police report dismisses any link to the crack video. The latest allegations have left many people wondering why no charges were ever laid against the mayor. “I think any ordinary person who participated in this kind of activity, if it’s founded, would find themselves in very serious trouble,” a city councilor says. World from Newser