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New Year UFO 2014 : UFO Filmed Over Soest, Netherlands

1 Jan

According to eye witness testimonial “UFO moved from the south to the north, over Soest, Baarn to Eemdijk/Eemnes over the river ‘the Eem’ Netherlands, at 00:15 AM on January 1, 2014” Please report your New Year 2014 UFO Sighting : HERE UFO Blogger : Uncover The UFO Truth


UFO w Wielkiej Brytanii -Nowe Dowody- lektor.pl (Anubis112)

23 Dec

UFO Update – Featured videos: Udostępnione w sierpniu 2010 roku tajne materiały stanowią nowe źródło informacji o wizytach kosmitów na Ziemi. Zawarte w nich raporty dotycząc m.in. rzekome… Video Rating: 4 / 5

UFO Sightings Could This Be The Best UFO Video Ever? Audience Reaction 2013

3 Dec

UFO Update – Featured videos: Could This Be The Best UFO Video Ever? Incredibly Close UP!! Is This Smoking Gun Footage? 2013 Captured By Lance Roberson! Quote “I Don’t Care What Anybody T…

Evidence of UFO Encounters through Mankind’s History

1 Dec

UFO Update – Featured videos: A review of what some say is evidence of UFO encounters through mankind’s history — from prehistoric cave paintings, to Medieval frescoes, to Renaissance ar… Video Rating: 5 / 5